Permanent Makeup

Our Spa uses SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics' 100% disposable tools and revolutionary no-mix pigments
crafted by highly qualified and highly educated beauty professionals.

The Hand Method

The SofTap® Hand Method is gentle on the skin
and guarantees precision using a patented line of
micropigmentation needles that eliminate any
vibration, noise, or worries. 

Pricing for refining any permanent makeup can be
determined with a free consultation during your visit.



Retouching (After 40 days of Initial Visit)




Eyeliner - Top

Eyeliner - Bottom

Eyeliner - Top & Bottom Special

Lips - Full

Lips - Blended Line

Beauty Mark









How does microblading work to fill the brow?

Microblading, also known as cosmetic tattooing. It is a manual method using a hand tool and very fine needles. High-quality pigments are deposited underneath the top layer of the skin in such a way that it mimics actual hairs. It is a highly artistic technique, and a masterful artist will match the growth of the natural hairs of each client.

How does it compare to permanent makeup tattooing?

The difference with microblading is that the pigment is deposited into the epidermis instead of the dermis. This results in precise hair strokes that appear as crisp and fine as natural hair and helps maintain the highly concentrated pigments within the skin.

How long do the results last? How often do clients need touch ups?

Typical results last anywhere from 6-18 months after the initial 30 day touch up. The longevity of the application depends on both skin type and skincare performed after the session. Microblading is considered semi-permanent because as the skin exfoliates, it takes the pigment with the exfoliated cells.

Is the procedure painful?

Though microblading is virtually painless, topical numbing agents are used before and during the procedure for your comfort.

Is there any down time?

Because of the non invasive technique, there is no down time at all. Post care includes wearing a thin layer of cream for 4-5 days before healing.