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Part Time Esthetician 

Here are my expectations as a business owner...

-You MUST have waxing experience for this role. 
-Research our company and know what we are about, if you wont wax men please do not apply for this job. 
-If 9am is too early this job is not for you, please don't apply. 
-You must have experience using both hard and soft wax. 
-You must be confident in your services and able to sell and meet targets. 
-You must have experience in doing facials, microdermabrasion among other skin care treatments. 
-If you apply please respond when a team member reaches out to schedule your interview.
-If you don't show up for your interview I will not reschedule it. 
-If you have limited availability please be honest about it in your application. 
-You must have reliable transportation.
-There is no negotiating what part of the job you will not do, everyone cleans their working area and take out the trash. 
-Please Google our address, if this is "too" far please don't apply. 
-Bilingual Preffered

As a frustrated business owner that pays well and offers in-house training I am looking for the right person. I need a self starter that isn't afraid of hard work and someone that wants to grow with a company. If you don't have a good attitude, work ethic or doing laundry is "beneath you" then please stay unemployed, you will not fit in here. If you are tired of working with lazy people, not being treated fairly in a team environment, show up to work on time, have proper hygiene and a positive attitude and meet all of the criteria listed above then please send us your resume with references included. We will be hiring the first week of February. 

If you are interested in sending your resume please send it to and fill out the information below. 

Good Luck

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